10 facts about entering the Workforce
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10 Things People Don’t Tell You When Entering the Workforce

1. The first three months of full time work, you won’t know how to save, even though your wages are double what you get in your part time job.

2. You always feel tired, who knew working 9-5 means you hardly see the day? How did our parents do this while still managing to raise kids?

3. The weekend is too short, just one more day please?

4. When you finish work early, you feel so free, like ain’t nothin’ gonna shift this mood.

5. Previously, will probably already know just 1 in 3 things that your job requires you to do, because every work place operates differently, you need to relearn how to do basic tasks… their way.

6. You will become a stickler for routine.

7. Just because you’re in another country, doesn’t change the work you do. Everyone around the world lives a very similar life style, but it’s the cultural differences that influence what changes. Interesting!

8. If you’re between 18-21 you will probably be the youngest full timer there, so it’s back to being the youngest… kind of like Year 8 all over again. Enjoy the youth!

9. Lunch breaks are a waste of time, but always seem to go so fast.

10. There is no perfect job, so just enjoy the one you have and be grateful for what you’ve got!

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