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secrets to saying goodbye

4 Secrets to Saying Goodbye

Saying goodbye isn’t easy.

However it is something I have gotten a little more used to over this time. The scariest thing when saying goodbye to someone, is having no clue if and when you’ll ever see them again.

Having friends all of the world is a beautiful thing, and I think meeting someone for just one hour or knowing them for years, no matter what, it is still worth it. I remember in Rome I made some friends from Brazil, we spoke for probably 45 minutes, when we chat it was like we were old friends, we had a very similar outlook on life and travel, and it was just easy. They left the day after and I haven’t seen them since, we wished each other safe journeys and hope to see each other in Brazil or Australia. That was a short goodbye, not too difficult, however saying goodbye to my friends in Italy after spending every waking moment with them for 6 months in Turin, wasn’t so easy.

So here are my secrets to saying goodbye for an extended period of time.


1. Don’t think about the time that you won’t see each other for

If you imagine how long or short it might be that you don’t see your friends (or lover), you will feel worse, so I often try and ignore this part. Just remember that anything is possible and sometimes circumstances might change for the better and you may see each other sooner.


2. Say goodbye as though you will see each other soon

As I explained above, you never know what might happen, so don’t worry, because it may just turn out to be sooner than you expected that you see your lover or friend. I always prefer to say ‘see you soon’ and keep in mind that I might very well just see them soon! Maybe I’m living in a dream world, but for me it makes it easier.


3. Don’t forget techology – you can keep in contact – you won’t lose them completely!

Nowadays we have billions of options when it comes to technology and keeping in contact. Whether its Skype, WhatsApp, iMessage, FaceTime, Facebook, blogging or more, there are hundreds of ways to keep in contact, so make the most of this!


4. Enjoy every moment and don’t worry what will happen, because tomorrow is never for sure anyway

When I say goodbye to someone that I don’t want to say goodbye to, I try and remember all of the beautiful moments and days that we have passed together and be grateful for them. I’d rather live every day to my absolute happiness, and have to deal with the pain of saying goodbye.


At the end of the day, life is filled with many new hello’s and many goodbyes, and it’s just something that you get used to. For me, I feel like saying goodbye and dealing with change is like exercising another muscle in my body, the more you do it, the easier it gets. That’s not to say that it means less to me, just to say that my outlook has changed and when I say goodbye to someone I know that it is for a reason that our circumstances are changing, and that when the time is right, the universe will bring us back together to bring new and exciting attitudes and stories into each others lives.

What are your secrets to saying goodbye? I’d love to hear about them…

Love Cherise Joelle xo

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