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A to Z of Brisbane’s Fresh Produce Markets

Raw Superfood Bar from Kelvin Grove Markets
Shopping centres, grocery stores and now markets, are popping up everywhere around Brisbane, leaving us spoilt for choice. In my local IGA I can find everything from organic food, gluten free products, Kosha, Asian grocer style products and more. However my question is, what defines good quality, fresh produce? Is it still worth making an extra trip to the markets to get fresh fruit and vege, or is it better to just get it from your local Woolworths or Coles selling mass produce? To me, the answer is easy, the markets, which offer produce straight from the farm to your kitchen at a reasonable price. 

What concerns me about the bigger chains stores is that most of their fresh produce (apples especially) leave me questioning whether or not it has been frozen and stored for months on end or not. By the time the food arrives in your kitchen, how do we know it hasn’t it’s been almost 6-8 months since it fell from the tree. This doesn’t sound like how the circle of life works to me? 

Fruit & Vege from Jan Powers Farmers Markets

However big brand grocery stores always seem to dwell on the fact that their food is FRESH in their advertising. In this article by Jonathan Swan, he interviews the CEO of Coles and Woolworths asking them about their produce, see here
Woolworths are pretty clear about how their food is stored (rather surprising, I’m almost certain I’ve had apples that are floury, old or green inside), saying that it’s fresh and following the definition, so they passed the test. However it is clear that Coles CEO Jim Copper beats around the bush a little, avoiding the exact definition of fresh and explaining which foods are actually fresh, but ignores the rest of their produce. In result, this leaves me unsure about Coles’ produce, and whether it’s ‘fresh’ or not… not good enough Coles!
So overall, if you decide it is best to buy only from your local markets, here is a list of farmers markets in Brisbane for you to choose from. Whether it’s Jan Powers Farmers Markets or James Street Market, whichever you prefer, to me they’re all good!

A to Z of Brisbane Markets

Eumundi Markets Vietnamese Street Food

B – Boggo Road, Dutton Park Markets Everything is on offer. Music, food, clothing and more. Sunday 7am to 1pm.

C- Caboolture MarketsA bit of everything, food, plants, second hand goods. Sunday morning from 6am-12pm.

D- Davies Market, West End Whether it’s clothing, jewellery, fresh produce or lunch, the Davies Market’s have everything on offer. Saturday 6am to 2pm.

E- Eagle Farm MarketsMy personal favourite. Mostly fresh produce and food stalls, with some jewellery and clothing. Sunday 6am to 12pm.

E- Eumundi Markets These markets are so big they are split between a road. One side is mostly produce and products while the other side is clothing, accessories and lunch food. It is so much fun to go to the markets on a day trip while you’re at the Sunny Coast! Wednesday 8am to 1.30pm

J- Jan Powers Farmers MarketsAlbion Mill, Manly, Mitchelton, Powerhouse, Queen Street. Offering a wide array of fresh produce and food, dates vary depending on the location. 

J- James Street Markets A European grocer style store offering fresh produce from different parts of the world, and separated areas for meat, fish and pastries. Open 7 days a week.

K- Kelvin Grove Urban Village Markets A fun vibe and a perfect way to start your weekend. Fresh food and produce, some clothing, jewellery, face painting and palm reading. Saturday 6am to 1pm.

N- Northey Street Markets Your local market place, offering fresh fruit vege and products. Not as much fresh food on offer, but a great place to do your weekly groceries. Sunday 6am to 10.30am.

R- Rocklea Markets – Great value especially if you go later in the day for fresh food and vegetables, with over 190 stalls. Saturday 6am to 12pm.

Z- For a full list of markets from Flea to Food see here.

Did we miss any of your favourites? Let me know!

Post inspired by David Mousa

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