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How to apply for your Passport or Visa

Yesterday I received my Italian Passport fresh off the press from the Italian Consulate’s Office in Brisbane. Being previously warned that this process can be a nightmare, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it actually was. I have had an appointment booked since March (6 months prior), with August 30th being the earliest date I could get an appointment. So let me explain the process for those wondering if and how you can get dual citizenship.

PASSPORT – Applying or Renewing
Dual citizenship, if you are eligible, is great if you are wanting to move overseas, or stay for a few years. First, to be eligible for an Italian passport your Mother, Father or a Grandparent needs to have still been listed as an Italian citizen when you were born, specific details are here. 
If they were, and you are eligible, now you can book an appointment through the consulates website. I’d recommend doing this at least 6 months in advanced, due to the long wait for an appointment. You need to fill out the passport form here. If you are over 18, be sure to bring along your Australia passport or drivers licence and a photo copy of it, your birth certificate and a photo copy of it, two passport photos and any other documentation you believe you may need.

Renewing your passport is easy, which is what I was doing, however if you are applying for the first time, you may need further documentation to show details of the family member that you want to get the passport through, however to confirm I would call or email the consulate details here.

If you are wanting to stay in Italy or a certain country in the European Union for more than 3 months, then applying for a Schengen Visa is the best option. First, book in an appointment through the consulate website. Then begin by filling out the attached form.
You must provide details of your accommodation while you are there, that you have enough money to support yourself, and a minimum of $5,300  in your bank account for your return ticket. I believe you also need to have an exact date that you want to stay until, however double check for this one.The consulate website says that you need to apply for your visa no later than 2 weeks prior to your departure date and then working holiday visa applicants must have turned 18, but not turned 31, at the time of visa application.”

Overall if you are travelling to Italy for a holiday, it is important to remember that Australian passport holders do not need a visa for tourism or business purposes if your stay in Italy is only up to 90 days.

Have you gotten a visa before in Italy or the EU? Tell me about your experience!
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