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Berlin, Germany

I love Berlin! As a city: It falls somewhere between crazy hustle and bustle yet cool, calm and collected. It truly lived up to its reputation this new years, and I would do it all over again in an instant, because Berlin has a really fun vibe about it. Berlin is full of street art, clubs, monuments and restaurants, and the shopping is great if you have some free time too!As for a travel destination: I felt really safe here and wasn’t constantly being troubled by people forcing me to buy shitty illegal souvenirs on the streets – like in Paris, or worrying about pick-pockets taking my money. Although there are lots of tourists around, this isn’t a problem at all. It is a very big city and not as condensed as most, so if you are going sight seeing you will use the metro quite a lot.

Something important to note: Tipping is big in Germany (and not included in the total). I highly recommend staying as close as possible to the city (Alexanderplatz Station is good), as the trams and metros can be a little complicated, so the less train changes the better.

Now here are my overall city tips!

EAT: Viet Bowl – Tasty, fresh and cheap vietnamese food, there are two in Berlin on either side of town. Cancun – Take the metro to Alexanderplatz and have some mexican and cocktails, always a great combination to start your night off.
Vitalia: A health food store in Alexanderplatz Station, it has an area filled with Schar Gluten free foods, great to buy and take home for breakfast or snacks.

DRINK: The Barn – Fresh pressed coffee blends combining the finest of coffee and a cool scene, definitely one to check out.

BAR: Just walk down your street and you’ll find numerous bars, however we found a few cool ones in Kollwitzkiez like Coco Jungle Cocktail Bar, which has really great drinks.

DANCE: Berghain – If you’re ready for a crazy night out head to Berghain, however be prepared – not everyone gets let in and there are many unspoken rules, which you will soon pick up on.
Salon Zur wilden Renate – We didn’t make it here, but it is known for being another great club in Berlin.

SEE: All touristy sites of course, however my personal favourites were the Berlin Dome and the Berlin Wall (East Side Gallery).

WANDER: Use the bus 100 or 200 and go for a ride around the city to see some sites and monuments. Take the metro to Hascher Markt or Freidrichstein – the two inner city stops and go for a wander around these areas. There are awesome shops, restaurants and cafes to check out.

Overall, I thought Berlin was a great place and will certainly be coming back in the near future. It is full of English translations and most people speak English, which makes it really easy to get around. To eat gluten free, there are lots of meat and vegetable dishes on offer, and also a lot of Asian cuisine (you will find sushi EVERYWHERE), so this will make your stay easier. Enjoy Berlin, and tell us about your favourite places in this wonderful city.

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