Best Christmas Cities in Europe? | FOUR SEASONS OF TRAVEL.
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prague christmas

Best Christmas Cities in Europe?

If you’re in Europe for Christmas time, and you’re like me, you will have a whole lot of trouble deciding exactly where to spend the Christmas festival. The problem is, there are just way too many great choices.

Last year I spent Christmas in Prague, and this Christmas I will be in Rome, however the best way to tackle extreme indecisiveness is travel right up to Christmas to all of the cities you want to see. From December 1st the cities set up markets and lights so that you can make the most of your Christmas holiday.

Christmas in Rome this year was wonderful, however the only Christmas spirit it had to offer was the lighting through the streets, as this year in Piazza Navona there were no Christmas markets. This unfortunately means that I haven’t added Rome to the Christmas cities list, as it was lacking Christmas markets which to me really loses the Christmas vibe!

So here are my favourite cities are as listed during Christmas time.


Paris, France

Paris is nothing but magical at Christmas time with reefs lining the top of each store and fairy lights scattered through the street. You can find a gorgeous group of Christmas markets underneath the Eiffel Tour along with a skating rink.

paris christmas time

London, England

Like an old fashioned film in the 50s, Harrods and Selfridges are still bringing us the beautiful traditions of Christmas ornaments and displays in the window. You can stand there for hours looking at all of the detail put into these displays.

london christmas window

Image: Harrods

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is filled with Christmas markets in every Piazza, with Old Town Square filled with food and drink stalls, that smell of Christmas time, irreplaceable! The food on offer in the Old Town Square is warming and tasty, spend time there for lunch or dinner one day and get lost in the Christmas spirit.

prague christmas

Vienna, Austria

Vienna is also one of those cities filled with beauty, theres something breathtaking about this city and at Christmas it brings it’s best with gorgeous Christmas markets and a wonderful spirit. Many of the piazza’s are filled with Christmas markets along with a range of food stalls.

vienna at christmas

Image: Wombats Hostel


Cologne, Germany

A small city of Germany, however well known for having some of the best Christmas markets in Europe. If you’re looking for a cosy place to spend the Christmas period, check it out. German Christmas Markets offer everything, from a wide range of foods, trinkets, clothing and gifts. You can spend hours wandering through these markets to discover a range of Christmasy goods!

cologne at christmas

Photo: Imgur

Where is your favourite city in Europe for Christmas?

Comment below!!

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