The Best of Santorini, Greece | FOUR SEASONS OF TRAVEL.
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The Best of Santorini, Greece

Santorini is one of the most famous, and in my opinion, the most magical of all Greek Islands.

Travellers from all over the world come to experience the islands’ enchanting white buildings, surrounded by clear blue water with accents of coloured doors through the towns.

Make the most of your time in Santorini and find out my guide to the best of Santorini!

What to do?

Santorini is unexpectedly filled with so many things to do. If you’re planning to visit I recommend staying for 3-4 days to really take it all in. If you have more time and are not on a budget – by all means stay for even longer!

Spend a day wandering through Oia

Have you seen postcards of Santorini and pointed saying “I WANT TO GO THERE!” well Oia is the town where all the picture perfect photos are taken. Being the most dreamlike town in Santorini, do not leave without visiting Oia!

oia santorini

Rent ATV/Quad bikes (25€ for 2 people over 24hrs plus petrol 9€ approx.)

Discover Santorini on a quad bike giving you the ultimate freedom to explore and roam around as you wish, from town-to-town discovering all of the details!

quad bikes

Discover Emporio – an amazing small town with a castle and gorgeous Greek architecture.

While you’re driving around, stop at Emporio along the way and walk up the hill into the city centre/town filled with picturesque dream like houses and a castle over looking the land.


Take a boat to Nea Kameni – the volcano tour and swim in hot springs.

There are so many boat tours that offer full day or half day tours to the volcano – check them out! Pricing starts at around 15€ for a half day boat tour.

hot springs santorini

See the Red Beach / Black Beach

These beaches have been left coloured by eruptions from Nea Kameni. They are extremely unique and very cool so be sure to check them out!

red beach santorini

Where to stay?

Fira is the best town in Santorini to stay in, as it’s in the centre of the island and well connected to all of the ports and other cities. Otherwise, if you want a romantic getaway and spending money isn’t a problem, then Oia is the place!

I stayed at Hotel Katarados which was only 25€ per night for 2 people – super cheap but it was just okay, it could have been cleaner and a bit nicer – but for the price it was good. The location is about a 20-25minute walk from Fira the city centre and it’s also connected by bus (1.60€ per ride). Check or Hostelbookers to find an apartment!

How to get around?

From the port: Get a bus! You do not need to take the shuttle buses or a taxi they are so expensive (around 15-35€ per trip), the bus is only 2.20€ and takes you straight to Fira or Katarados. There are people trying to scam you/rip you off at the port so beware.

If you’re trying to save money it is worth simply taking a bus.

Between the towns: Bus run regularly between Fira, Oia, the red and black beach! Santorini is well connected by buses. Another option is to rent an ATV/Quad bike which is a lot of fun! Helmets are optional, however I would highly recommend them as the roads of Santorini are very windy.

Insider tip: Go to the old port- but DON’T take a donkey, it’s so mean!! There are cable cars up and down for only 5€ and if you’re considering walking the donkey track beware, it is ridiculously long and takes about 25 minutes, a little slippery and filled with donkey poop. Once you arrive at the port take a boat to the volcano and hot springs for a half day tour (approx. 15-25€). You can pre-book these tickets and find out the times at any of the travel agents in Santorini.

volcano santorini

Where to party?

Koo Club – A gorgeous club with a good vibe, mainstream music but the DJ is still good!

Enigma – I didn’t check it out but it’s another big club in Santorini just across for Koo.

Tango – Classy bar overlooking the water.

There are a lot of other great, more chilled out party bars if you take a walk through Fira you will find them! Oia doesn’t have as many clubs or bars so it’s best to keep the partying in Fira.

champagne sunset

When to visit?

Santorini is the most fun in the summer however shoulder seasons are good because there’s less people and it’s a bit cooler. In the evenings in the middle of July it is best to bring a sweater or jacket as the wind really picks up and it gets really cold! During the day it’s hot but there’s a nice wind which makes it more bearable.

Insiders tip: Pack a light coat or jumper for the evening because the wind picks up and it gets really cold!

All you’ll be thinking while you’re in Santorini is that you’re #blessed to be there!

What was your favourite experience whilst holiday in Santorini? Tell me in the comments below!

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