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world of wanderlust

Interview with Brooke Saward, World of Wanderlust!

If you #WorldWanderlust on Instagram you will be lead to the captivating life of Miss Brooke Saward.  The voice behind World of Wanderlust (WOW), a source of inspiration to build your desire to travel. In the past year Brooke’s site has grown rapidly with a readership of over 170k unique visits per month and over 300k in total!

I first found her beautiful pictures on Instagram, which lead me to her website full of useful information and reviews on travelling. After following Brooke’s journey as a full-time traveller, Brooke kindly accepted an interview with Four Seasons of Travel. Here’s an exclusive insight to Brooke’s life, as she speaks about her life now, and how travel has changed her for the better!

FSOT: What was your first travel experience? Did it make you want to travel again?

I first travelled overseas when I was 13 years of age as part of an international children’s choir. Back then it was extremely rare for people my age to travel overseas, particularly for kids from Tasmania (where I grew up in Australia). It was also around this age (13) that I experienced my first real case of bullying which was probably directly linked to jealousy because I was taking this trip. It affected me in such a way that I couldn’t wait to escape after 12 months of sponsorship efforts before we took the trip to Hong Kong to sing at a movie premier. It was so exciting to be in a city so alive like Hong Kong, but the hardest part was coming home and facing school again. Ever since this first trip I was obsessed with the idea of escaping and exploring more of the world… so in a much shorter answer, YES! This experience created a serious case of wanderlust and I haven’t stopped saving for travels since.  

FSOT: What’s one thing you can only find in Australia and nowhere else in the rest of the world?

No where in the world does brunch like Australia! I really miss long brunches and socializing with friends on a Saturday/Sunday, plus Australia is very health conscious so it’s always good food!    

world of wanderlust

FSOT: What has it been like travelling all over the world alone, documenting it on World of Wanderlust?

Exciting. Invigorating. Scary. But never a dull moment.    

FSOT: Do you have any allergies or dietary requirements that affect your travelling? If so, how do you deal with them?

I’m a vegetarian and I have been for the past 8 years! It is obviously harder in some countries over others, but I have never starved or been in a situation where I couldn’t eat SOMETHING. I rarely eat out when I travel because I’m on the road full time for a year – it’s just not financially feasible! So I always eat a big buffet breakfast followed by snacks throughout the day and usually settle for a small café for dinner or perhaps even a supermarket dinner. I’m not one to dine out at fancy restaurants evening – my favourite cheap eats are sushi and halal food!    


FSOT: When travelling, what is your number one money saving tip?

Other than eating on the cheap (above), I would say WALK EVERYWHERE. If you walk everywhere you effectively cut out a whole expense from your budget. I’m always also more inclined to catch a shuttle bus rather than pay for a taxi, but that being said I often need to catch taxis between hotels as I have so much luggage it’s not physically possible to drag 30kg+ of clothes across a city!    

FSOT: If you could give one piece of advice to people wanting to travel – what would it be?

JUST GO. I have been writing quite a few blog posts lately on the topic and I find it really intriguing just how much we all tend to over think things! What if we stopped thinking of consequences, stopped making excuses, and just went with the flow? Sure, travel costs money, time, and commitment. But if you’re complaining about needing a holiday or adventure, make a change in your life. There’s nothing that can’t be fixed or changed – don’t forget that! brooke saward  

FSOT: You have just launched your second EBook “How to Create a Successful Blog”, how long have you been working on this? Can you give us a bit of information about it?

It has actually been quite a process writing this book because I received such a great response from my first Ebook “The World of Wanderlust Story”, that I felt a weight on my shoulders to live up to these expectations. I would also never put a price on anything I didn’t truly believe deserved to be paid for. So as most of us will know, the blogging industry is notorious for being closed off to newcomers and it can often seem easier to give up rather than to try and crack into it now – but this blog is the answer to this. I wanted to compile EVERYTHING I have learned about blogging and how to be a successful blogger, from the creation of a blog through to maintaining a blog through to making money from your blog. It is literally everything you would want to ask if you got 5 hours to pick my brains.    

FSOT: Finally, what’s your favourite phrase in another language?!

Omnia Vincit Amor – Love conquers all.

world wanderlust

A special thank you to Brooke for being available to do this interview, and for constantly creating beautiful, insightful content for us on World of Wanderlust! If you haven’t already checked out her site, go and see what all of the fuss is about here now or her Instagram here!

  • Jenna
    Posted at 19:25h, 12 January Reply

    Loved this read! Thanks for the wonderful share! 😀
    Your questions were very detailed and unique!

  • Cherise Joelle
    Posted at 21:22h, 12 January Reply

    Thank you very much Jenna! I’m glad you enjoyed it 🙂

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