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Florence Gelato Festival 2014

  Do you call ‘ice-cream’ and ‘gelato’ the same thing? Well today we’re going to show you why they’re actually different and why gelato isn’t ice-cream! Check out the review of Florence Gelato Festival 2014 as I eat my…

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Zeb Gastronomia Florence

For a comfortable and stylish atmosphere, yet authentic Italian food, Zeb Gastronomia Florence is the place to be.  Situated on the way to the ever glorious Piazzale Michelangelo, if you need to refuel before the big hike up, be sure to…

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How to not gain weight when travelling?

The age old question, how to not gain weight when travelling? Here are a few tips- better in theory I guess, but it won’t hurt trying!  Move whenever you can Wear comfortable shoes so that you WANT to walk, and…