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Thailand photojournal

The Thailand Trance: Photo journal

Aside from one-day layovers, I had never spent an extended time in South East Asia. My expectations were not even close to what I was presented with, leaving me with an further understanding and a constant reminder as to just exactly why…

green island cairns

Day Trip to Green Island, Cairns Queensland

I jumped on the first ferry and spent the day at Green Island, Cairns. Tickets can be purchased through Great Adventures here, however you will need to pick them up prior in order to board the ferry. Travellers tip:…

hot air balloon gold coast

Hot Air Ballooning, Gold Coast Australia

Let me tell you this, spending the morning floating away into the clouds was probably one of my favourite ways to enjoy a Sunday morning! I had always dreamt about watching the sunrise in a hot air balloon and…

Portugal travel

My Portughese Perception: Photo journal

There’s something so familiar about Portugal, as I walked through the cobble stone streets I instantly felt at home, and whilst Portuguese words spoken around me went straight over my head, it didn’t feel like a barrier at all. I could live here, I thought.…