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The Spanish Infatuation: Photo Journal

Spain  My pupils widened and I came to a halt in a complete state of awe, and just like that, my Spanish infatuation began. Lose yourself in the embellished architecture, tantalising tapas and carefree mentality of the Spanish culture. Spain has truly taken a piece…

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Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Escape the city for a day and take a short one hour drive down to one of my favourite beaches, Wurtulla in the Sunshine Coast. Here you’ll find clean white sand as far as your eye can see, and…

secrets to saying goodbye
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4 Secrets to Saying Goodbye

Saying goodbye isn’t easy. However it is something I have gotten a little more used to over this time. The scariest thing when saying goodbye to someone, is having no clue if and when you’ll ever see them again. Having friends…