Day Trip to Green Island, Cairns | Cherise Joelle
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green island cairns

Day Trip to Green Island, Cairns Queensland

I jumped on the first ferry and spent the day at Green Island, Cairns. Tickets can be purchased through Great Adventures here, however you will need to pick them up prior in order to board the ferry.

Travellers tip: Go the day before to skip the lines, as in the morning there are often long lines, and you don’t want to miss the first ferry in the morning.

Take a 45minute ferry at 8:30AM and you’ll be one of the first to arrive on Green Island. While none of the shops hiring snorkelling gear open until 9:30am, use this time to discover the beach. All of the tour groups and visitors waited by the shops, instead I quickly escaped to the beach, and it was well worth it.

For 20 minutes I had the entire beach to myself, golden sand and clear water, it was so magical.

Snorkelling on Green Island is fairly nice, but nothing spectacular if you’ve been to the Great Barrier Reef. You need to swim quite far out and the water is fairly calm, so it’s not difficult. There are quite a lot of turtles though, which make it an exciting place to discover.

If you’ve got a day spare in Cairns, I highly recommend checking out Green Island for its beautiful beaches and calm waters.

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