Finding a Holiday at Home | FOUR SEASONS OF TRAVEL.
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Finding a Holiday at Home

I have always wanted to get away and see the world. It’s that itching and longing to travel that keeps me motivated on a rough day, where I couldn’t think of anything worse than getting out of bed to go to work, just because I’m feeling lazy or unmotivated that morning. But happiness isn’t about being somewhere else, or moving to find it, it’s about loving what you do and where you are. Sometimes we need a break from the everyday hustle and bustle, so here are some ideas to help you find a holiday in your home town, specifically if you’re in Brisbane. 

1. Spend the day pampering yourself, at a day spa. Samford has a few, or there are lots throughout the city. Although it’s not easy on the wallet, this is a great retreat to perk you up for the week ahead.

2. Inland to Maleny. Who doesn’t love Maleny? It’s like stepping back in to time to old style shops made of wood side by side, beautiful scenery and friendly people. There’s no Woolworths or mass production goods here thank you very much and that’s a holiday in itself.

3. Secrets on The Lake or other lodge style housing. Nestled inland of the Sunshine Coast, check out these little hidden escapes for a mini holiday. It’s just you and the animals, plus any friends you’d like to personally invite. Forest surrounds you, so you won’t run into anyone there, it’s just you and surrounding nature, bliss.

4. Byron Bay, Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast. Get a house for the weekend with a group of friends, this is an easy holiday that works out to be fairly cheap with a big group.

5. Your backyard. Spend the day by the pool, or on a picnic blanket in your backyard with a pre-packed lunch and magazines so you can focus on simply relaxing, this can help to take your mind off everything.

6. A new coffee shop, for a coffee and cake date, ’nuff said. 

7. Your workplace coffee nook. For me, working in Brendale can be a bit dull, as it is an industrial suburb in North Brisbane, so there aren’t many exciting things to do, or places to go in your lunch break. However I have found a little escape from the concrete business parks, and that is The Boiler Room Cafe. A humble little cafe with a rustic interior, it offers regulars an escape from the everyday pit-stop lunch from the bain-marie at the local IGA. However in almost every Brisbane suburb, there is a cute little cafe waiting to be found, so you can too enjoy your lunch break surroundings. 
Here are some ideas to help find peace, serenity and relaxation around Brisbane.
Do you have a certain place you go to, when you need some time out? Tell me about them!
  • Kayla Maree
    Posted at 06:00h, 17 September Reply

    ohmygosh i LOVE the boiler room! the only thing that got me through having to be up at 5am for nursing prac was their awesome coffee!

  • Cherise Vecchio
    Posted at 21:24h, 18 September Reply

    Hey lovely, oh wow do you do prac around that area!!?? Yeah it's such a humble little escape from rough old Brendale haha x

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