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Gluten Free Breakfast Ideas – Travel & Home

A lot of people who are gluten free find it hard to discover a good breakfast substitute when travelling. So if you want to have a quick breakfast in your hotel or apartment, here are a some ideas.

When travelling:

– 2 pieces of fruit with a tub or yogurt and mixed nuts over the top
– Rice Thins with Avocado
– GF Museli with yogurt
– Leftovers from dinner if you went out the night before
– A gluten free museli bar
– Baby cheeses… better as a snack, can’t imagine this for breakfast– Corn Thins with peanut butter
– Corn Thins with ham

The bottom four are not the most nutritious breakfast options, however if you’re in a rush they certainly do the job!

Everyday at home:

Otherwise if you’re at home and not in a rush, here are some other great gluten free breakfast options.
– Eggs with haloumi and vegetables

– Quinoa porridge with yogurt

– GF museli with yogurt
– French toast using gluten free bread
– GF bread with peanut butter and jam
– Fruit with flaxseed
– Egg and bacon muffins
– Anything you wish!

Are you gluten free? What are some of your favourite breakfast ideas?

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