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mac bun turin

Gluten Free Burgers: M** Bun Turin

M** Bun Turin (verbally known as Mac Bun) is considered ‘Slow’ Fast Food with its range of speciality burgers and meats. You can find the menu offering a range of panini, meat plates, carne crudo (raw meat), salads or an aperitivo platter.

Catering to dietary requirements, M** Bun offer gluten free burgers, vegetarian ‘meat’ patties and also outline all other allergens on a board next to the counter, so you are aware of what is in each burger. Their meat is specifically from the Pietmonte region, making it ‘slow’ fast food putting extra care and thought into their product. Each season they offer a new burger flavour too!

gluten free burgers

Gluten free burgers & meat plates

Prices range from between 6-8€ for a burger otherwise around 10€ for a plate with meat and salad. The meat is of a high quality specifically from the Piedmont region. The burgers are tasty with a classic burger, chicken burger, vegetarian burger and a few types specific to the Piedmont region. The chips are like potato crisps –  basically sliced pieces of potatoes fried.

My favourite thing about M** Bun is that it is so easy to meet friends for lunch or dinner, it is a casual and easy way to enjoy a gluten free burger.

If you’re looking for a quick bite catering to all dietary requirements check out M** Bun for a range of burgers and fries!

Quick facts:

Location/s: Via Rattazzi, 4, Turin, Italy Susa 22/E Rivoli Siccardi 8/A – Torino


Opening hours: Daily from 12pm – 12am

Price: €€

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