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gluten free gelato

Gluten Free Dessert: Il Gelato Amico Turin

For days and months I searched the streets of Turin for gluten free sweets and goodies, and on the day I stopped looking I found Il Gelato Amico literally right under my nose (the street beside my home in Turin, opps!).

Gluten free dessert

Looking for gluten free cookies? Or perhaps dairy and gluten free gelato? Or maybe you would like gluten free and egg free gelato? Whatever the combination, Il Gelato Amico has it covered! With a gorgeous selection of gelato flavours, and a 100% gluten free kitchen you can get your gluten free gelato cone, gluten free cookies and more!

Dairy free, Egg free, You’re Free!

There are a variety of gluten free and dairy free desserts kept in the cabinet so you can easily pop by and take away a cake if you’re on the run. Il Gelato Amico is extremely aware of allergies and intolerances, however they don’t compromise on flavour, offering a creamy and flavoursome gelato none-the-less.

Marco Benenati, the founder of Il Gelato Amico explained that he does not suffer from celiac disease or any other intolerances, however realised the struggle for those who do and decided to launch Il Gelato Amico! He works hard to create a product that is flavoursome yet everyone can eat it, therefore no one has to miss out.

Gluten free Ice-cream Sandwich

I asked Marco for a recommendation on what I should try and he told me to give the gluten free cookie ice-cream sandwich a go, and boy was it good! Il Gelato Amico’s ice-cream sandwich is a perfect cohesion of chocolate and biscuit making it a great afternoon treat. I haven’t had an ice-cream sandwich in years, and actually forgot that these little bites of heaven existed! It reminded me of my childhoods days, with the hot sun beating down on me as I would race to finish my quickly melting ice-cream sandwich, because I was a slow eater and it was all just too much for my 7 year-old self.

If you’re in Turin, pass by Il Gelato Amico, and see for yourself what’s on offer, with a friendly and passionate team and a number of flavours, tell me if you can tell that it’s totally dairy and gluten free!

gluten free cookies

Gluten free facts – Il Gelato Amico


Via San Massimo, 34. Torino, Italia

Opening times:

Monday: 3:00 pm – 8:00 pm / Tuesday – Sunday: 2:00 pm – 8:00 pm


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