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Gluten Free Italy: Check the Pharmacy!

gluten free pharmacy

As I wandered through the streets of Italy, I often was amazed by the gorgeous pharmacies I saw.

In many cities, the pharmacies still remain in the original buildings they first opened in; with embellished and heritage style architecture as a reflection on herbal remedies created. However whilst getting caught up in the details, I also stumbled across a gluten free gold mine; Italian pharmacies themselves.

Did you know that Italian Pharmacies stock a wide range of gluten free products?

Why? Because there are so many celiacs in Italy, and as diet is the way to treat celiac disease, these foods are stocked to make it easier for people to grab and go.

What will you find in the pharmacies?

Anything and everything depending on the pharmacy. Gluten free pasta, bread, wafers, cakes and crackers. Generally speaking however, you will always find gluten free pasta and bread, the staples!

Pharmacies in Italy can be found easily with the GREEN CROSS SYMBOL outside of them. They are heavily scattered through the city centres and I can guarantee you every couple of streets you walk through, you will find one.

So when you’re looking for gluten free in Italy, make sure you check the pharmacy!

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