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gluten free bread

Gluten Free London: Beyond Bread

No longer do you need to ask ‘is that gluten free?’ with doubt or fear in your eyes, because Beyond Bread is bringing you London’s first 100% gluten free London bakery/cafe in the city centre.

About Beyond Bread, Gluten Free London

Elena Golubovich, the founder of Beyond Bread kindly sat down to chat with me about Beyond Bread and it’s success so far. One thing I couldn’t help notice was her immense passion and dedication towards gluten free food. Every little detail in the cafe has been reviewed and thought through, from the hand painted rhinoceros heads as decorations on the walls, to the carefully designed Beyond Bread logo (with love hearts subtly intertwined). There isn’t a step Elena has taken without careful thought and love in the process. As for product tasting and development, Elena explained that her daughter (nearly 7) is her professional taste tester (and a good one at that) who prior to releasing each recipe, gives her the final ‘yay or nay’ to go ahead.

Elena follows a strict gluten free diet and explains that she saw a lack of high quality, gluten free food in London city centre and decided to do something about it. While she is not celiac, Elena is extremely aware of the implications for celiacs if even a trace of wheat is found in their diet, which brought her to opening a 100% gluten free kitchen. Elena explained that interestingly enough, many of her regular customers often don’t need to follow a gluten free diet, however choose to eat at Beyond Bread solely for the taste and quality of their products, a reflection of the high quality on offer.

Elena has also released Beyond Bread tote bags, which are also helping to raise awareness with the iconic phrase “Gluten Free is the New Black” written across them.

gluten free bread

Gluten free bread

Beyond Bread pride themselves on their gluten free bread, being of a high quality and freshly baked daily. You can find a selection of sour dough, bread sticks and loaves with an array of ready to eat sandwiches (that are to die for).

All food is ready to go so you can either takeaway, or with adequate seating, spend a lazy afternoon at the cafe.

My tantalising lunch at Beyond Bread consisted of the chicken pesto panino, then later the chocolate and walnut cake. I began to have flashbacks of those days I could run into a cafe and pick up a sandwich without worrying about gluten free options or my dietary requirements, it felt all so… normal!

The taste? Amazing. The quality? Freshly made.

The verdict? Can I eat this everyday, please?

beyond bread

Gluten free dessert

Beyond Bread offer a selection of desserts including chocolate and walnut cake, danishes, banana bread, cheesecake, muffins and more! Their gluten free dessert changes seasonally and may vary from day to day. The chocolate and walnut cake was super chocolatey and rich, much like a brownie, it was great.

gluten free dessert

gluten free dessert

Final verdict?

If you’re heading to London or lucky enough to live there, visit Beyond Bread, who are redefining gluten free and dietary requirements and bringing you a world of choice. Elena’s passion and dedication to her bakery is something you will see shine through the entire cafe.

I’m looking forward to seeing Beyond Bread’s growth in the future and will certainly be returning next time I’m in London… But now seriously can someone bring me another Beyond Bread sandwich right now, because I’m drooling all over this keyboard just thinking about it?

gluten free bread

Gluten free facts – Beyond Bread London

Signature product? Gluten free bread

Video tour: See here for a tour of Beyond Bread

Pricing: Between £5-6 for a sandwich and £2-3 for a dessert.

Ambiance: Casual, cool and modern, a great place to meet friends for lunch or pick something up on the go.

Location: About 10 minutes walk from Oxford Street, London city centre.

Address: 2 Charlotte Place, London W1T 1SB.

Nearest Tube:  Goodge Street / Oxford Street / Tottenham Road

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 8:30am – 4.30pm / Saturday 10am – 3pm

Website & Facebook page:


Have you ever been to Beyond Bread? What are your favourite gluten free cafes and bakeries in London? Comment below!

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