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gluten free risotto

Gluten Free Risotto: Italian Panissa

My first memory of eating a meal in Italy was when I was just 7 years old, one cold winter day in December 1999.

We were at our relatives home for lunch, as the windows got foggier and filled with frost, the scent of Italian cooking filled the house, and the chatter of our family echoed through.
Much like these memories that still remain, so has the gorgeous taste of the Panissa, the gluten free risotto we enjoyed, which has never left me since!

This summer, I spent 10 days in Loano (along the Italian Riviera) with my grandparents.

My days went something like this: Wake up, go to the markets, go home and make a wonderful lunch with the fresh produce purchased, spend the afternoon at the beach, come home and make another marvellous dinner.

Food, food, food.

We indulged in every Italian delight possible, as my grandparents are Italian, it doesn’t get any better, la dolce vita.

Last Wednesday, together we made Panissa, which was such a gorgeous experience for me. I’ve never seen berlotti beans fresh from the stalk, have you? As we extracted out the beans, I couldn’t help but marvel in the simple beauty of these beans.

Life can be so beautiful in such a simple ways if you let it be. 

All of the colours, all of the patterns, there was certainly #nofilter required.

I hope you enjoy this family recipe, of how to make a Northern style Italian Panissa risotto.




For the broth
200 g of fresh berlotti beans (no soaking required if they’re fresh)
1 carrot
1 stick of celery
1 slice of pork (optional for more flavour)
Beef & chicken stock as required
1 l water

For the risotto
350 g rice (here Carnaroli di Lucedio)
1 white onion
3 Italian sausages
1 glass of while wine
1 tbsp tomato paste
Olive oil, salt and pepper
50 g butter
4 tbsp grated parmesan


Basically the process of Panissa is exactly the same as cooking risotto, only with a little more love and affection!

1. In one pot, make the broth, leave it to cook for half an hour or so until the meat is cooked and it has come to the boil.

2. In another non-stick pot, add the oil and chopped onion, let it fry off until the onion starts to cook, add sausage, let it brown.

3. Once sausage is browned add the rice, stir.

4. Watch the rice and once it begins to have a clear glaze to it, add cup of wine. Then add tomato paste.

Let the alcohol cook off.

5. Add in a couple of ladles of stock, just enough to form a layer of water over the rice, stir, let it soak up the liquid, add more. Continue to repeat this process until the rice is cooked.

6. Once the rice is cooked, add salt to taste, pepper, stir in butter and parmesan cheese.

Enjoy with a glass of cool white wine and add more parmesan cheese and pepper if you wish.

View pictures below corresponding to method:

gluten free risotto gluten free risotto IMG_5597-2 gluten free risotto gluten free risotto gluten free risotto IMG_5606-2 IMG_5607-2 gluten free risotto

I hope you enjoy  this gorgeous Panissa risotto recipe, and be sure to let me know how you go!

Love Cherise Joelle xo


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