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Gluten Free Travel Snacks

After being diagnosed with celiac disease, I found snack time to be a little difficult, not being able to think of what I could eat that was gluten free. Often people snack on biscuits, cakes, bread and other gluten filled foods for afternoon tea, which makes it hard, because not only are these laden with fat, but they also aren’t gluten free! When travelling or even just at home, it’s best to have something that doesn’t need to be refrigerated and foods that are easy to take on the run with you.

So here are my favourite gluten free travel snacks.

Coco Bliss Balls – Recipe can be found here!

These are made from super foods and are so delicious, they taste naughty but actually aren’t. Give this Coco  Bliss Ball recipe a go, and let me know what you think!!

Dates and peanut butter

A perfect snack when you have a sugar craving, don’t opt for a gluten free biscuit, opt for a date with that little hit of protein from the peanut butter… Too easy!

Rice crackers with dip

This one is legendary when you’re going to a friends place and would like to bring a little snack! Super easy and always a crowd pleaser.


Great for that morning hunger kill. Fruit salad makes it more fun, so mix your favourite fruits and enjoy the colours of the rainbow!

Chopped up vegetables and dip

Another healthy option, try hummus or guacamole for dip. You can make your own and be even healthier!

Coconut yogurt, greek yogurt

Great for morning tea, I can’t get enough of yogurt. It isn’t exactly a great travel snack, but more a good snack idea for work or school.

Almonds or your choice of nut

Nuts are packed full of protein and such a good food for when you’re on the run! Put them in a little zip lock bag and keep them in your bag for whenever hunger hits.

Gluten free museli bars

These are super easy and something to look forward to that keep you full for hours! Muesli bars are perfect for any time of the day and can be kept in the cold or extreme heat. My favourite gluten free muesli bars would have to be the Nakd bars, Carman’s and Good For You bars.

Gluten free 2 minute noodles (not healthy hehe)

These ones I couldn’t resist! They aren’t filling but are a bit of fun when you have a two minute noodle craving, somethings there’s just something so therapeutic about making 2 minute noodles, it takes me back to the days when gluten wasn’t even a word in my vocabulary!

Miso soup

You can buy individual sachets of miso soup from the supermarket in the asian section! These is such a warm and easy snack all you need to do is add hot water!

What are your favourite gluten free travel snack ideas? These are just some of the many options available, and you can really have fun with all the options and creative ideas you can come up with!

Tell me about what you’ve prepared in the comments below!!

Thanks for watching!

Cherise Joelle xox

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