Gluten Free Dessert | FOUR SEASONS OF TRAVEL.
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Just because you’re gluten free, doesn’t mean that you can’t  still have your cake AND eat it. Gluten free desserts generally contain a lot more butter as a binding agent and to give the dessert a velvety texture, however the flavour is still all there. Often, people comment that gluten free cakes and just as good, if not better than the normal gluten-filled ones. So coeliac or not, give these gluten free dessert ideas a go and let me know what you think!I am a dessert lover, so there’s no way I’m going without, so if you’re meeting friend for dinner or just feel like a sweet treat on a Sunday night, let’s get baking!

Here are some of my favourite gluten free dessert ideas that are quick and easy to make, yet absolutely full of flavour.

Something decadent? Gluten free chocolate pudding

This is my absolute number one gluten free dessert option. Please, please, please give the cake a go!! It is so worth it. *Drools*



Afternoon tea? Gluten free ANZAC biscuits

These are great for an afternoon tea or picnic, chewy and sweet, full of flavour. Have I convinced you yet to get baking?



For the health conscious? Coco bliss balls

These little balls of bliss are packed with a punch of protein and are a great snack without the guilt! All you need is a blender and you’re ready to roll!


For more gluten free dessert ideas check out my other recipes here!