Coeliac Disease Symptoms | FOUR SEASONS OF TRAVEL.
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Did you know that 1/70 people have coeliac disease and 80% of people remain undiagnosed? (Ref. here)

That means those around you who are not gluten free, could very well be at risk of having coeliac disease without even realises. This is why it is recommended that everyone gets tested, due to the irregularity of symptoms from coeliac disease, the way my body deals with it may be completely different to yours.

Let’s look at my family for example and all of the different coeliac disease symptoms we had:

My symptoms (the discoverer of coeliac disease in the family)

I was constantly bloated and getting a sore tummy probably twice a month. I knew something wasn’t right so decided to go to the doctor and find out once and for all. I expected it to be a simple case of lactose intolerance.

My Mum’s symptoms (the misdiagnosed)

After getting checkedĀ for coeliac disease and results coming up as negative, my mum was in the clear! With no symptoms she was back to bread, oh happy days she went. However for many years she suffered from eczema and low iron – anaemia. The anaemia got to a point where couldn’t resolve it so her doctor got her to do more tests. After an endoscopy, the early stages of coeliac disease were confirmed.

My brothers symptoms (the avoider)

Pimples here and there and bloating, my brothers case was one of ignorance is bliss. Eight months after I got diagnosed, he finally threw in the towel, and of course the test came back positive. His symptoms were subtle but escalated quickly after he went to a gluten free diet.

Here’s a little video on what is coeliac disease and a lot of the frequently asked questions surrounding this topic!