Gluten Free Breakfast | FOUR SEASONS OF TRAVEL.
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Even though you may wake up… flawless! Sometimes it’s just so hard to get inspiration for a hearty gluten free breakfast, especially in the beginning straight after diagnosis of coeliac disease. I remember going from cupboard to fridge thinking, what can I actually eat that is gluten free, tastes good and will leave me full until lunch time? I’ve been through it, so here are my favourite gluten free breakfast ideas.

Gluten free breakfast ideas

1. A great gluten free breakfast when you’re on a budget?

Cut up a banana and top it with greek yogurt, crushed almonds and honey. This was my breakfast daily in Italy and cost me very little but really kept me full.

2. Gluten free breakfast when you’re in a rush?

Two pieces of gluten free toast with peanut butter and banana. Again, this breakfast keeps me so full until lunch time without the time taken to prepare it.

3. When you’re cutting carbs?

Two poached or fried eggs on a bed of fresh baby spinach with a side of pan fried tomatoes, mushrooms and capsicum. This gluten free breakfast is super healthy and a powerful start to kick off your morning!

4. A warm and hearty gluten free breakfast?

Mix together a blend of quinoa flakes, polenta, chia seeds and crushed almonds with almond milk and stir over low heat until it thickens together (see video for details). You can add a banana, cinnamon and honey for extra yumminess too! This is the best winter breakfast in my opinion!


Check out my video below for more gluten free breakfast ideas!