One Day Guide to Siena, Italy | FOUR SEASONS OF TRAVEL.
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One Day Guide to Siena, Italy

Siena is a quick hour-and-a-half train ride south-west of Florence. It is one of the bigger medieval cities in Tuscany, protected by walls. Siena as a city, is quite hilly and less dense in comparison to Florence, however it is much more homely and quiet. Buses or bikes are the preferred mode of transport, and when arriving by train you will need to get a bus in to the city centre. Be sure to buy your ticket at the stations Tabaccheria prior to boarding. Here is your one day guide to Siena!
To see:
Piazza del Campo, Siena Cathedral, and more. If you go for a walk through Siena you will enjoy its beauty and stumble across many attractions. Also, if you have a day to spare other cities near Siena such as Montepulciano and San Gimignano are wonderful too.
Gluten free? 
Yes there are quite a few gluten free places to go. I had a look at Ristorante Gallo Nero which has a specific GF menu but decided to go to another Osteria because I preferred the vibe. Something to note: pretty much all of the restaurants are catered to tourists, so unless you do a bit of research, expect a touristy vibe/menu and higher prices.
Is it worth a trip?
I enjoyed our trip to Siena however it is quite a small, touristy city, so if you have to choose between Siena or Florence, to me, Florence always wins – simply because there’s more to do.
Train from Florence?
1 hour 30 minutes, 8.20 per person one way.
Beautiful Siena with blue skies shining through!
Siena Cathedral
Tuscan Style
As the dark clouds began to roll in, later that afternoon.
Piazza del Campo
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