Handmade in Florence, Italy. | FOUR SEASONS OF TRAVEL.
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Handmade in Florence, Italy.

As I walk through the streets of Santo Spirito, I notice that they are quiet, spotted with children out to play, while Florentines are out walking their dogs or busy running errands.  I can’t help but peer into each store out of curiosity, to see what the store clerks are up to. The clerks look pleasantly occupied, not constantly checking the clock, or stressed about the daily woes, usually alone or with one or two customers. It was at this moment that I truly recognised what it is to find hand made, workmanship from the heart, and that high quality products are still very much alive. 

You can find many handmade stores in Florence such as; bike shops, tapestry stores, leather goods (some of the best leather in the world), Venetian painted masks, world maps, jewellery and more. To me, it is like seeing an artist in action producing by hand exactly what they sell – from hand to home. This is so rare and such a beautiful thing to see, but what I love most, is that when I look into these stores, the artists look contempt, happy and interested in what they are doing, not run to the mill exhausted or frustrated… La bella vita. 

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