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helmut newcake

Gluten Free Review: Helmut Newcake

Stepping into Helmut Newcake is like entering a world of gluten free perfection. Now offering two gluten free patisseries in Paris, Helmut Newcake are constantly keeping us in awe with their gluten free cakes, pastries and savoury goods.

I chat with the owner François Tagliaferro about Helmut Newcake’s success as a gluten free patisserie in Paris. François explained that many of his customers comment that they can’t tell the difference between their gluten free pastries compared to original non-gluten-free recipes, a reflection of Helmut Newcakes high quality products and attention to detail.

helmut newcake

The story:

Helmut Newcake was the first patisserie in Paris to offer fresh traditional cakes certified 100% Gluten Free!

Parisian pastry chef Marie Tagliaferro, has been gluten intolerant since the age of 20. Combining her passion with her requirements, she went through a process of trial and error, experimenting at home with gluten free organic flours in order to get the perfect mix. Her recipes are home-made and created from scratch, a reflection of a true baking artisan who brings originality and cooking from the heart back to the 21st century.

This is only the beginning of Helmut Newcake’s success as a gluten free patisserie, with plans for expansion in the future, Helmut Newcake is one to watch. François also explained that vegan cakes are being tested to be offered in the future.

helmut newcake 2


Helmut Newcake Canal Saint Martin (dine in and takeaway)

36 rue Bichat
75010 Paris
Tel: +33 9 82 59 00 39

Helmut Newcake Madeline (takeaway only)

28 rue Vignon
75009 Paris
Tel: +33 9 81 31 28 31

helmut newcake 3

Helmut Newcake offers lunch dishes of the day, a Sunday brunch by appointment, gluten free bread, a small stock of hard to find grocer products in France, and a Tea Room of foreign products, all completely gluten free.

Next time you’re in Paris do not miss the opportunity to stop at Helmut Newcake, because it truly is a gluten free paradise.

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