Hot Air Ballooning, Gold Coast, Australia | Cherise Jolle
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hot air balloon gold coast

Hot Air Ballooning, Gold Coast Australia

Let me tell you this, spending the morning floating away into the clouds was probably one of my favourite ways to enjoy a Sunday morning! I had always dreamt about watching the sunrise in a hot air balloon and just how magical it would be. Every time I spotted a hot air balloon, I’d be riddled with jealousy, “One day…” I thought. Finally, I got the chance to experience it on the Gold Coast, because dreams really do come true! Ha!

It’s such a strange feeling though because you really do ‘float away’. Thanks to our pilot Nigel – who has flown pretty much all over the world (except Vietnam! I got him on that one), it was a seamless transition up and back down. It’s not like being on a plane, where you feel the motion on your belly and to be honest when we took off I didn’t even realise we were moving.

hot air balloon gold coasthot air balloon gold coast

Afraid of heights, you say? I would actually recommend hot air ballooning for those with a fear of heights because it’s such a smooth and slightly surreal experience, you don’t even recognise the height.

I went on a half hour balloon ride with Balloon Aloft Gold Coast. The wake up call in summer is 3.45am, so if you prefer sleeping, I’d suggest you go in winter because it’s slightly later. Locations change depending on the wind and ours was over Beaudesert. The team was so friendly and they went through our trip details with us – our balloon reached 5000ft, the max height they go and got to 60km/hr due to crazy weather conditions (wild!). After I admired the view from the top, I also got to enjoy a champagne breakfast, which the perfect way to end the perfect morning!

hot air balloon gold coast hot air balloon gold coast hot air balloon gold coast

Have you ever been hot air ballooning? Tell me about it in the comments below 🙂

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Please note: This was not a sponsored post and all opinions are my own 🙂

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