How to Pack for a Long Term Vacation? | FOUR SEASONS OF TRAVEL.
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how to pack for a long term vacation

How to Pack for a Long Term Vacation?

To some people, packing is a  daunting thought. However after a many trips abroad, it soon becomes a routinely thing.

So do you want to know how to pack for a long term vacation, but also more importantly how to pack light yet efficiently?

Here are my travel tips!

1.  Pack 2-3 pairs of pants

You need only to bring a few pairs of pants because they don’t need washing as often. Also, often people don’t remember the pants you wear most of the time so no one will know you are re-wearing them, especially if they are black or a dark colour.

2. Bring a lot of tops because they’re light weight

You will go through a lot of tops because you can only wear them once or twice, so stock up!

3. Try to cut down on the toiletries

Bringing all-in-one items like make up wipes, minimal make up, small shampoo and conditioners etc. as this saves a lot of space. These are what really weigh down your suitcase so try and bring as little as possible. If you’re travelling in a pair, considering sharing items ike shampoo and body wash!

4. Don’t bring unnecessary things

Extra books, too much perfume, too many shoes and so on, are all unnecessary items that will only waste space and weigh down your suitcase. You have so much to do when you’re travelling, so really think twice about items that are not essential. Consider it a ‘detox’ from unnecessary items! For me unnecessary items include a hair straightener, hair dryer, extensive body products, and hair spray.

Pack simple, live simple! If you don’t REALLY need it, forget about it.

5. Only bring two pairs of shoes

One for day and one for night and that’s it. Otherwise one pair of open shoes and one pair of closed in shoes, depending on the season. If you go hiking/exercise often consider a pair of runners, however usually for me I bring them and don’t end up using them.

6.  Bring a lot of underwear so you don’t have to keep going to the laundromat

I’m talking 14 pairs! It’s better to have more seeing as they take up no space and are an essential item.

7. Bring minimal jewellery and accessories

One or two statement pieces will do you well. In the summer in many cities you are swimming and in winter you are laying up, so often you don’t even use the jewellery! Consider not bringing any jewellery at all if you’re tight on space.


Example packing list?

My suit case for winter is something like this:


1 coat (two maximum)

3 pair of jeans

3 sweaters

7/8 t-shirts/long sleeve tops

2 short sleeve tops

1 singlet



2 pairs of thermals

6 pairs of socks

14 pairs of underwear

2 scarves

1 beanie

1 small handbag



Compact powder, eye liner, mascara, 3 lipsticks, blush.

Shampoo, conditioner, body wash.

Makeup wipes – these are good because you save space and don’t have to bring all of your heavy makeup remover products.

Moisturiser (face, body)

Tooth brush, tooth paste, floss.


All of this for me comes to about 15kgs in a suitcase and is enough to last you for a month and more. Yes you will rewear and rewear but it is really enough!


My suit case for summer is something like this:


3 pairs of shorts

14 tops

2 dresses

1 pair of jeans (not essential)



1 pair of flip flops

1 paid of sandals

(Don’t bother bringing high heels)


Accessories (not essential):

A big necklace

A bracelet




All the same as in winter

Sun lotion


So what’s the final secret to packing efficiently and effectively?

Pack your backs, zip it up and lift it. Then unpack your bag and cut out 1/4 of your items, you nearly always over pack.

Then repack.


What are your packing secrets and how do you pack for a long term vacation?

Let me know in the comments below!

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