How to Save Money When You Travel? | FOUR SEASONS OF TRAVEL.
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how to save money when you travel

How to Save Money When You Travel?

Against many common beliefs, travelling actually can be cheap. In July and August this year, I went travelling through southern Europe (Greece, Turkey and  Southern Italy) on a budget.

My goal? To see as much as I can for as little money as possible!

I decided I only wanted to pay the same amount of money for rent as I pay living in Florence (450€ per month) and I understood that my cost of living would be higher due to sight seeing, activities and going out for lunch or dinner daily. So I decided to make a compromise for my accommodation meaning that my maximum daily spend is 15€/day on accommodation leaving 35€ (Turkey) 45€ (Greece/Italy) per day on spending money. This is still not a tight budget, and I could have done it for a little less however when you’re spending money on transport and lunch daily it all adds up, and for me this was living comfortably and not missing out on anything!

Here are some tips on how to save money when you travel, so that you can travel for longer!


Pair up!

Travelling in a pair is really the cheapest option – accommodation wise. Generally speaking you pay the same price for a ‘single’ or ‘double room’ unless it’s a hostel.

pair up

Save money on food

When you go out for lunch or dinner, try ordering just one main meal instead of an entrée, main and dessert. If you’re with someone else and not a big eater, you could also get one entrée and one main and share between you.

If you’re going on a day trip to a tourist destination or just planning to be out all day sightseeing, the night before go to the supermarket and stock up on snacks and water to take with you.



Transport really is the expensive part of travelling, so it is important to save on this where you can.

bla bla car rideshare


Ride share sites like BlaBlaCar are a cheap alternative to moving around a country, also giving you the opportunity to meet new people.


Often they have a range of options, the cheaper ones being the slower ferries – so if you’re willing to spend more time in transit then it’s well worth the money saved, bring work or a book to pass the time. In Greece the cheaper ferries are Sea Jewell


Often there is a bus route you can take instead of getting a taxi, however sometimes this means you need to walk more but if you want to save money thats the compromise you make… and the extra exercise means you can eat more pizza!



If you’re a hotel goer and you have an option to include a buffet breakfast (usually around 8-14€ extra unless it’s already included), it is cheaper to simply buy your own breakfast and eat it at home each day. Breakfast in many countries is not an important meal, so if you’re a big brekky eater reconsider going out for it. Simply buy a tub of yogurt, fruit and almonds and mix it all together and voila!

breakfast on a budget


Find out the each country’s tipping mentality before you get there so that you know if it’s necessary to tip. Countries like France and Italy don’t require tipping as it is already included, so don’t overpay due to a lack of research!


Don’t do everything

When travelling, many people assume they have to do it all, but they forget to leave time to wander the streets or notice the details that bring a city to life. If you don’t want to go see a touristic monument or museum when travelling, don’t waste your time and money on it! It’s that simple.


These tips are just the start of how to save money when travelling. Of course, there are always ways to do it cheaper, however you must come to a compromise and decide is it really worth missing out or would you rather invest a little more in your travel budget to make your life easier?

What are your travel tips when travelling on a budget? Comment below!

  • TINE
    Posted at 17:24h, 31 August Reply

    I’m a french travel lover. As I travel with my family, I love to rent appartments with airbnb. It’s cheaper than hotel, there is more space for the kids, and you don’t need to eat at the restaurant. You can cook and save a lot of money this way.
    We always try to buy airline tickets from low cost companies, with only a cabine baggage for each of us.
    (so I always check there is a washing machine I can use in the appartment !)

    next destination : Dublin !

    • Cherise Joelle
      Posted at 18:20h, 31 August Reply

      I completely agree! Thanks for the tip about the washing machine, because going to a laundromat really adds up! Dublin will be amazing, I hope you have a great time while you’re there 🙂

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