How to Travel Gluten Free in Europe? | FOUR SEASONS OF TRAVEL.
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How to Travel Gluten Free in Europe?

So if you’re like me, and you found out one month before going abroad that you can’t eat gluten ever again… for the rest of your life… *sigh* You’ll probably want to know the age old question, ‘What can I eat?’.

Here are my tips from travelling through Europe and what I found to be good and bad!


Most French main meals consist of meat and vegetables, so France is one of the easiest places to be gluten free. Snails and frog legs are also GF so try them! Replace croissants and pastries for macarons or creme brulee, for me this was an easy substitute!

A Chocolate Macaron as big as the palm of my hand, sooo yum.

Mmm snails…

The Netherlands: 

I spent a few days in Amsterdam and lived off pub food (like chicken stir fry or steak) and chips in a cup (make sure they’re not beer battered… been there, done that ughh). There was so much gluten here it’s not even funny, like burgers and fast food. However I’m sure if you spend time going to the restaurants you’ll be able to find good food, just do a bit of research before depending on where you are going.


I was only here for a night, and we ate a Spanish restaurant funnily enough, as there are a lot of outside cultural influences. Sadly no waffles for me, however lots and lots of chocolate was perfectly acceptable. We did a chocolate making course in fact, and it was completely GF and oh so tasty!


Replace schnitzel for sausage and mash potato, or steak and mash (make sure its home made not packet mix potato). No beer here, but try cider, it looks similar to beer so for the boys- no one will know or care!


Replace pasta and lasagna for risotto or a secondi piatti like saltimbocca or vitello tonnato, polenta is also good. For dessert stay away from canoli (soo sad, my favourite) and go for pasta di mandorle, a biscuit made from almond meal, egg and icing sugar (almost as good) or gelato in a cup, not a cone.

Italian fast food – risotto on the run


Mains are easy, pretty much everything is GF like stuffed tomatoes, dolmades, kebab sticks etc… As for mousaka, I didn’t know at the time, but they put flour in the bechamel sauce and sometimes breadcrumbs through it, also stay away from yiros. For dessert go for rice pudding.

150 Gelati Flavours


Paella all the way! Beware of sauces used in tapas. Sadly no churros, but have Crema Catalana (like creme caramel), rice pudding or gelato instead, they love it just as much as the Italians.

Chorizo & Pistachio gelati in Spain

Paella for 30 in Spain


Go for your classic roast meals, without bread on the side, Sheppard’s pie (as long as there’s no casing) or an English Breakfast without bread. Remember, no high tea unless it’s glutey free! Sorry Lizzy you’ll just have to change the menu for me. Go for rice pudding, custard or jelly and ice cream, and unfortunately no spotted dick tonight (it’s a real dessert, believe me!).

So go and enjoy your European adventure gluten free and happy and let me know where you have found to be the best places, to find allergy friendly foods.

**Note: Always be sure to double check if these foods are gluten free, as some gelati flavours aren’t and sometimes the meat stock used for risotto isn’t, if it’s a store bought one. 

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