I Quit Sugar.. The Final Verdict | FOUR SEASONS OF TRAVEL.
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I Quit Sugar.. The Final Verdict

Okay so it’s past week 8 of I Quit Sugar and I’ve made it out alive! I’m feeling great, less bloated, less puffy, with a spring in my step, and to top it all off I got asked if I’ve lost weight!

Now I’m not going to comment on my dress size, or my measurements, because that’s not what this is about, and if I have lost weight it’s due to an increase in #cleaneating and exercise, so quitting sugar is only a small part of it.But what are the benefits and limitations that I have found from this program?


– The afternoon sugar slump is almost gone
– I’m eating three meals a day, feeling satisfied, not overeating and so on…
– I feel more educated about the food choices I make
– My whole body is functioning well, so I feel better about myself


– When you do get a taste of cake you want more more more, that’s the effect of sugar though
– Now that I’ve been sugar free, going back to the real sugar-coated-wonderland – that is the world, is hard
– How do I live sugar free for the rest of my life? Well not completely, but it is hard to do it for a prolonged period because it’s everywhere, so you’re constantly saying no ie: Cake at work for a birthday
– There are so many social aspects connected with food, and sugar, and gifts, and special occasions, for every positive thing that happens nearly every time someone says ‘get out the cake!’. This is when sugar free goodies need to be homemade!

So the biggest question is, would I do it again?

Hell yeah!
I really enjoyed Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar 8 Week Program and once again it’s been a kick start for motivation, interest and change in my lifestyle. As you’ve probably already noticed, I love trying new things and taking on little challenges to see how I go, and this was another that I’ve overcome, quite easily.
So give it a go, and let me know how you go!

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