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I Quit Sugar Week 1

Mmm cheese.
Day one Wednesday 21st August 2013
I Quit Sugar is going well, I filled up on ‘good fat’s substituting thou sugar.
What did I eat? My breakfast is pictured here, which was actually so tasty. I woke up and couldn’t bare the thought of eggs, I wanted fruit, but I persisted and ended up loving it. For morning tea I had a slice of cheese (weird I know, I couldn’t think of anything else), then soup for lunch and nuts for afternoon tea. Now it’s dinner time and I’m having curry and rice, yum. Throughout the day I’ve had about 5 cups of tea to keep me occupied, which isn’t anything new for me.
Am I hungry for sugar? Not yet.
What now? Keep going!

Day 4 Saturday 24th August 2013
I am still going strong today I made IQS approved granola so I have breakfast when we run out of eggs, will post the process in another post. I’ve been eating yummy poached eggs, haloumi and vegetables for breakfast or just friend eggs with toast. I feel super satisfied for longer. Lunch I’ve been having a salad or leftovers like soup/sheppards pie/curry etc. My afternoon slumps are already significantly decreasing and if I am pecking ill have a piece of cheese or vege sticks- capsicum is a good one to snack on because its naturally sweet and satisfying. Tonight I am going out so will stick to wine or vodka, lime and soda- which I drink anyway. Below was dinner last night, salmon and vege, no dessert a cheese platter instead yum!

Next pictures was my breakfast this morning, 1x poached egg on a bed of spinach, capsicum, tomatoes and haloumi. So good!

Day 6 Monday 26th August 2013Well yesterday I wasn’t too on track having an affogato for afternoon tea and some strawberries in my breakfast, and Saturday night I had half a cocktail, oops. However other than that I have pretty well stuck to IQS this week. It hasn’t been as hard as I thought, except for when I’m out it can be easy to forget.

Sadly, I have just gotten a cold and usually try to up my fruit intake when I’m sick, so it feels strange not having citrus and fresh fruits, but I’m going to see how I go. Woo.
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