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I Quit Sugar Week 3

Week 2 of I Quit Sugar has gone by, slipping up a little however still predominately sticking to it.
Here’s where I struggled- going out for cocktails- oops, mega mistake there. Breakfast options when I wasn’t at my own house, or when you run out of eggs. In this situation I had berries, occasionally with
flavoured yoghurt (mainly because I didn’t really have a choice). This sucked and I noticed a difference having a headache or sugary slump, which has kept me on track ever since.

Here’s my run down on Week 3, with also a few slip-ups, but you live and you learn.

Wednesday 4th September
Today I am commencing Week 3 of IQS. This means going cold turkey.. gobble gobble without sugar.
I think I will be fine, I will just need to make a conscious effort to pre-prepare my food if I won’t be sleeping at my own house, and when I am out, to ONLY get vodka lime and sodas or wine, it should be easy. I have also realised that when you are out, you have to think about what you are eating way more, especially when you’re gluten AND sugar free, double trouble.

Saturday 7th September 2013
It’s Saturday and I have managed to push through the week without having any fruit, honey, minimal condiments (ie. balsamic, tomato sauce). Last night we had a dinner with strawberry’s and cake for dessert, very tempting but at least the cake wasn’t gluten free, so I made a cup of tea and ignored it all.
Below are some images of what I’ve eaten in lieu of sugary sweeties. I’ve found I’m more relaxed about eating carbs (which I’m probably going to focus on cleaning up next week).

Sunday 8th September 2013
Today I went to Maleny Food Festival, nom. Most of the day I did so well eating non-sugary foods, however by the end, the gluten free chocolate brownie was calling my name, and I gave in. Afterwards I felt yuck and wished I followed the three bite rule. Oh well I know for next time.

Tuesday 10th September 2013
I love not eating sugar, except for when there’s cake. I have been so good the past three weeks, but now the reality is kicking in. I have been going by the ‘three bite rule’ where if I really want someone I’ll take three bites then leave it. Seems to work.
Oh and the Coconut Yoghurt I purchased from the markets has AGAVE NECTAR in it, I am so upset. This isn’t allowed at this stage of IQS and when buying it I presumed, like Greek yoghurt, there’d be no added sweeteners, boy was I wrong. Day. Ruined.

So I’ve got to keep it up, with only 5 weeks left.. Woah haha.
Have you done this challenge before? Let me know what you did to get through it!

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