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I Quit Sugar Week 5

Saturday 14th September 2013
I have been sticking almost 100% and am feeling great. I had two slips ups last week and that was due to a birthday celebration! Tonight I am going out, so will focus on sticking with Vodka, lime and sodas!
I have also stopped snacking over the past 3 days, which eventually Sarah Wilson explains, that you should in the later weeks. This is very exciting as usually I get so hungry at morning tea and afternoon tea, whether lately I haven’t been. There are so many studies about eating every 3 hours to keep your metabolism moving, in contrast to just three times a day, so it can be quite confusing. I agree with eating just 3 times daily without snacks, even though I prefer to graze.

Chicken Curry -Lunch & Dinner options

Eggs & Vege for a lazy dinner

Wednesday 18th September 2013
Today is the first day of Week 5 and still no sugar. Yes I’ve had a couple of slip ups, like dessert on Sunday night, however I chose to have this because I made it as sugar free as possible (raw tart with strawberries) so it wasn’t a problem.
I am almost eating only three meals a day without snacking as Sarah suggests, which is very exciting.
My cravings have almost gone, but some day’s I still have the odd afternoon craving or after-dinner sugar craving, however I have noticed that after lunch it has reduced significantly. Originally each day after lunch I’d eat an apple and get a sugar hit, now it’s pretty much gone. Woo!

Quinoa Porridge with Greek Yoghurt on the side
Gluten Free Toast w/Salmon & Eggs

Sunday 22nd September 2013
Still sugar free! My only mistake was drinking a glass of Sangria on Thursday night, which was bad because I totally forgot. But that’s okay. Here are some images of what I’ve eaten the past few days. I am trying to eat dinner foods for breakfast and get away from lighter foods like granola and yoghurt etc. I find if I eat warm, and heavier food in the morning, for the rest of the day I feel great. The other day I had pumpkin soup¬†+ an egg for breakfast, yum.
As you can see, I am eating eggs most days. It’s interesting to know, that I used to hate eggs until about mid last year, when I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Since then I’ve had to get used to them, and can now actually stomach the thought of eggs in the morning… Crazy.

GF Bagel with Salmon, Eggs, Haloumi
Pumpkin Soup with Eggs in it

I Quit Sugar tips for you!

After being sugar free for five weeks here are some tricks I have found that have helped me through… It’s not over yet, I have another three weeks to go, but here’s the start:
1. When bored and looking for a sugar hit, make tea. Dandelion tea, Rooibos tea and Green tea are my favourites.
2. When you feel like dessert or are craving sugar after dinner or afternoon tea put a small amount of Sarah Wilson’s Coco-nutty Granola with a dollop of Greek Yoghurt in a bowl and munch! So yummy.¬†
3. Eat cheese in the first few weeks of quitting sugar, as a snack to keep you full and ward off cravings.
4. Exercise in the afternoon to keep yourself busy (if you’re home).
5. Eat protein and vegetables with every meal. A pretty standard rule, however this in itself helps reduce your sugar cravings.
Bring on Week 6!
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