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I Quit Sugar Week 7

Wednesday 25th September 2013

This week I am starting week 6 and slowly introducing some artificial and low sugar items back into my diet. I feel like I haven’t been off sugar long enough so am going to try for another week completely sugar free… crazy hey!? I am actually really enjoying not eating any artificial, fake or sugary products, including fruit, even though I LOVE fruit. In the first few weeks I was still having a bit of sugar, so I’m making up for that. Here are some images of what I’ve been eating.

The usual eggy breakfast… Mmm Haloumi too
Stuffed Capsicums/Mushrooms

Wednesday 2nd October 2013
So this week hasn’t been so great sugar free wise, having dessert both on Friday and Monday night, but they were special events! Other than than I have followed it fine. Now I am starting to introduce sugar free alternatives like natural sugars and so on that are still fructose free but add a bit of sweetness. I am noticing that I am more sensitive to coconut’s sweetness, and when I had the dessert, I felt like the next morning I  had a bit of a sugar hangover, feeling heavy and slightly groggy (even on the night I didn’t drink!).

This was one of the desserts I have had this week, definitely not IQS approved,
Home made semi-freddo with salted caramel sauce and crepe, 100% worth it!

Rice Paper Rolls
Stir Fry

Here’s a contrast in what a difference not eating sugar has made to my eating:

Before: With a gluten free lifestyle
Breakfast: Apple, Banana and berries cut up with Greek yoghurt and flaxseed
Morning tea: A handful of almonds with dates
Lunch: Leftovers such as stir fry fry, salad or chilli con carne + Apple
Afternoon tea: Soy and Linseed crackers with almond butter and jam
Dinner: Sheppard’s pie / Curry with rice etc (usual dinner foods) + fruit / Something sweet like Almond Milk and honey
Now: Gluten free, sugar free
Breakfast: 1 egg, a tomato, mushrooms and spinach, with either Haloumi or a piece of GF toast
Lunch: Leftovers such as stir fry, chilli con carne or salad + carrot sticks if I’m feeling hungry
Dinner: Stuffed capsicums / Stir fry etc
Snack (most days I don’t need one any more but if I do): 2-3 Brazil nuts or Coco-Nutty Granola with Greek yogurt or a slice of cheese

I continually craved sugar, especially after main meals I always felt I needed something sweet to end the meal with. Now I feel satisfied.

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