The Importance of Learning From Other Expats! | FOUR SEASONS OF TRAVEL.
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The Importance of Learning From Other Expats!

Recently I completed an interview with InterNations about my time living in Italy. While I was answering the many questions about my experience living in Florence (specifically about the transition abroad) I realised just how amazing, rich and detailed information available from other expats out there is.

Learning from other expats is extremely important and some of the most valuable information you can receive. With the uprise of travel bloggers due to new social media, if you have questions to be answered it is so easy to find the answers from one of the many AMAZING blogs out there.

Sites like InterNations ask travel bloggers for their insider tips, information and experiences and provide free events and activities for members to network and expand their community presence. Therefore, as a traveller, you have all of the important tips and information in one place, so that you don’t have to spend hours and hours scrolling through the internet, only to get side tracked and end up watching endless funny cat videos… Because ain’t nobody got time for that!


There are six steps you should follow before you move abroad, and InterNations has the process started for you already:

1. Figure out which city you are moving to

2. Start to learn the language

3. Read advice from other travel bloggers or people who have specifically LIVED in the city you are moving to (other travellers are great but they have a different experience in a city when only staying for 5 days at a time – instead ask those who have stayed for a few months!)

4. Be aware of the difference in the currency, laws, wages and culture differences.

5. Ask questions and network with other expats to learn, read other blogs, websites and information hubs to find out as much information about your new city as you can, because the more the better!

6. Attend events and activities on offer, to meet new people and continue to build your network in your new city!

InterNations offer activities and information for 390 cities around the world, so if you have questions that you want answered, be sure to check them out!

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