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Importing From Bali to Mykonos


As I wandered through the gorgeous, narrow streets of Mykonos, the unique patterns and exotic jewellery showcased in shop windows caught my eye. I went from store to store, falling in love with the embellished, colourful stitched tote bags, baby Buddha’s and hand woven bracelets. On the way, I met an Italian store owner whom I started to speak with. He explained to me how he owned the store (pictured below), so I asked him where he found his unique pieces. He explained that:

I spend six months in Bali over the European winter, searching for new and exciting pieces. During this time in Bali I source new jewellery and treasures, to bring across the waters to sunny Greece! I then return to Mykonos for the other six months of the year, over the summer period and work in my shop, offering tourists and locals a new selection of exotic jewellery and accessories!

It’s interesting to see that in Mykonos this trend of importing from Bali was prominent in many stores, as we saw some of these pieces in surrounding stores too, however as Balinese style is full of colour and detail this is exactly what Greek style is like too, so they match perfectly.

Importing from Bali to Mykonos is a trend on the islands, giving Greeks a chance to show off interesting and exotic pieces from other parts of the world. However don’t be disheartened because there are many other pieces in Mykonos stores that are designed and made by Greek designers, look out for tags as each item explains exactly where they are from.

What are your thoughts on importing from Bali to Mykonos? Would you prefer that all items are hand made by Greeks or do you like that they source items from other countries? Comment below!

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