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Just Gluten Free – Adelaide Store Review

In 2010, I travelled through Adelaide, enjoying wine tours, shopping spree’s and spending a day in Hahndorf, for a German influence. At the end of my trip I discovered Just Gluten Free with my family, following a friends recommendation to check it out. 
It was a dine-in cafe then, however it has now changed to a store, for your convenience to purchase take away baked goods or to share with your family at home. I ordered the gluten free gnocchi, peering around the store at all of the beautiful home made italian food, I had never seen anything like it. Sabine, the store owner was welcoming and open for a chat. Making all of her food from scratch, 

Sabine is going back to the Italian roots of creating hand made food with love, but the best bit?It’s all gluten free. 
Ironically, this was prior to finding out I had celiac disease, so I wasn’t actually there because I had an intolerance, just because word-on-the-street was that it was some of the best Italian food out. True story.
Vegan pasta
Now three years on, Sabine continues her passion making fresh Italian food from the heart, with it still being 100% gluten free. When she began, this concept was new and risky, however now Sabine’s store continues to grow due to two things. The first, is that her cooking is of very high quality, and secondly, because gluten  intolerance is becoming increasingly common, with a rapid rise of Celiac disease and gluten sensitivity diagnosis in Australia.
If you are in the Adelaide region I highly recommend checking out Just Gluten Free, you can pick up  a range of pasta, pizza, pies, foccacias, fresh pastry, sauces and baked goods.
Here is a snap shot of what is on offer at Just Gluten Free, with all products gluten free, and some vegan products made fresh on Saturday including bread and pasta. You don’t need to have an intolerance, just  a love of high quality, handmade food.
Just Gluten Free is open Tuesday to Saturday 11am to 3pm, 3/462 Port Road – Hindmarsh, Adelaide, South Australia 5007. Check out the Facebook page here.
 All images from Just Gluten Free’s Facebook page
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