Gluten Free Review: La Fenice Restaurant, Sorrento | FOUR SEASONS OF TRAVEL.
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Gluten Free Review: La Fenice Restaurant, Sorrento

La Fenice Restaurant is located down the opposite end of the train station in Sorrento, just off Corso Italia. It has good food, it’s reasonably priced and easy to find. Check it out if you’re in Sorrento looking for some gluten free pizza or pasta!
Food? The pizza base was soft and cushiony (in a good way!) and crunchy at the crusts, I really enjoyed it. The risotto was flavoursome and creamy just how it should be, yum!
Cost? €€ 
€8 – €12 for a pizza and average €10 for a risotto or pasta.
Location? Via degli Aranci, 11, Sorrento Napoli.
Rating? 8/10 I really liked La Fenice and thought the food was really tasty. It is a bit expensive, but the portion sizes are big so it’s worth it.
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