Museo di Palazzo Vecchio | FOUR SEASONS OF TRAVEL.
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Museo di Palazzo Vecchio

What is it? Palazzo Vecchio was built to house the city’s governing body, however it’s name was originally Palazza della Signoria. The story goes that, “The ruling Medici family used the Palazzo della Signoria as a home until building the Palazzo Pitti … After the Pitti was completed, and the Medici moved in, the palace became known as the Palazzo Vecchio (“old palace”).” (Source: Go Italy).
Furthermore, “After the transfer of the Medici court to Palazzo Pitti, it continued to host the Guardaroba (where the ceremonial costumes and family treasures were stored) and various governmental offices, until it became the seat of the Florence City Council in 1871,” (Source: Museo Civici).

Where is it? Located in Palazzo della Signoria, it is the closest square to the Ponte Vecchio if you view it on the map here.

How much? €8 for students for a ticket to the Museum or Bell Tower otherwise €12 for both. 
€12 for adults, other €20 euro for both.

It is worth it? Yes, BUT only if you’re in Florence for more than a few days. If you’re only in Florence for a short trip it is not really worth the time or money when there are so  many other amazing places to check out.

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