My Journey Begins... | FOUR SEASONS OF TRAVEL.
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My Journey Begins…

Born and bred in Brisbane, with my Italian roots always in sight. Both sides of my family are Italian, however many now live in Australia. With a well balance of the North (my Mothers family) and the South (Father’s family), my Mother only moved to Brisbane when she was 9, fresh! However my story goes something like this… When I was 7 years old I had the privilege to travel through Italy with my family. Picture this; it was the Christmas of 1999 when conspiracy theories were out of control, what will happen when our modern technology has to click over to 2000? It all seems so silly now, but back then it was the thrill that kept the questioning alive. So my parents, the brave people that they are, travelled with their four little youngsters (including myself) all under the age of 14 to Italy… and this is where my love began. You could say the rest is history, and now after overcoming many milestones in my life (leaving school, graduating university etc. etc.) I am taking on what I call, The Italian Journey. So here is my journey to Italy for you to follow, including an answer to the questions I ask along the way about moving overseas, learning the language, the lifestyle changes I make, as well as any sacrifices involved. I believe every person should take a chance and travel the world (no matter how much money you have), and that is my goal one step at a time. Enjoy!
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