One Day Guide to Venice | FOUR SEASONS OF TRAVEL.
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One Day Guide to Venice

Venice is romantic and enchanting, make sure you spend some time soaking up the atmosphere, aside from all of the tourists in the summer! Here is your one day guide to Venice,  the beautiful city that it is!
To me, the best time for a quick trip to Venice is in the winter (November – January) or shoulder seasons because it is a lot quieter than in the summer. However both my trips to Venice (one in summer, one in winter) were great.
Why was it better in the summer? Gondola rides are more appealing, as in winter I do not want to be near cold water. 
Why was it better in the winter? Less people, less smelly – but it was a bit cold because of the draft off the water.
Explore the many Venetian islands or take a ferry to Murano for a tour of the glass factory. If you would like to go for a gondola ride, make sure you explore the cheaper options offered and also try and haggle the price down – first offer is usually at 80.
There are no taxi’s (or cars) in Venice, however there is a water taxi for €7/pp. If you’re bringing a suitcase to stay for a few days make sure it is small because the only way to get to your hotel is to walk and cross hundreds of bridges all covered in stairs = Nightmare!
Yes! Each time I have been to Venice I have easily found ‘senza glutine’ in many restaurants. You can either do a bit of research or just go for a wander and look out for places that are gluten free. Yesterday we went to Risto Bar which is located in one of the Piazza’s, it had a GF menu on display. We ordered the tortellini and lasagne, but unfortunately it wasn’t the best GF food I’ve had, so I wouldn’t recommend it.



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