One Day Guide: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | FOUR SEASONS OF TRAVEL.
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One Day Guide: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

For Australians, Malaysia is centrally located on the journey to Europe, making Kuala Lumpur (KL) a popular stop over for international flights. 
Due to it’s robust culture and large-city-like atmosphere, Malaysia Airlines offer flights daily from Brisbane to Paris with a layover in KL. Purposefully choosing this option; we arrived at 5.30am in KL, given a complimentary hotel room at Hotel Sama Sama, by Malaysia Airlines, a five minute walk from the airport. 
To make the most of our one day in KL, we decided to book a Viator half day tour called “Best of Kuala Lumpur Half Day City Tour“.  Some of the highlights of our day included:

Hotel Sama Sama Lobby!
One of the many cute and dodgy taxi’s in KL that help provide transport for about 1.8 million people living in and around this city.

A silk artist at work creating a painting from scratch.
His wax tools for printing on silk.
One of the stops on the tour- a chocolate shop. Did you know, Malaysia’s top three exports include cocoa!?
The King’s Palace guard, on duty.
Christmas Decorations in the Pavillion Mall in Bukin Bintang (note: we were not taken here on the tour).
Double cooked french bread with added flavour (located in Tokyo Street, Pavillion Mall).
A giant strawberry macaron from Pavillion Mall.
Our taxi in KL, where there are no road rules, surprisingly no road rage, but also no seat belts.
Chocolate fountain from the buffet at our hotel
For the dinner buffet – Malaysia Airline’s customers got 50% off the price.


The final verdict of our layover in KL…

What I liked about the tour: We got to see so many highlights and iconic buildings in KL over a short period of time. Other places in the tour that are not in the photos above include the National Museum, the Mosque, Petrona Towers and more.


What I thought could be improved about the tour: It felt like we saw too many things, so by the end we were exhausted. Maybe if there was a morning tea break this would have pepped us up a bit, or if we had of brought our own snacks!

Where I had lunch: We went to a place in China Town, I wasn’t certain if it was GF but I was so ravenous after the tour I didn’t care (bad I know). Turned out to be fine.

Would I go back to KL or Malaysia? Yes for sure! I found Kuala Lumpur extremely interesting, with so many different facets. From the rich King’s palace, to the government housing and then lower socio economic housing it was extremely interesting to see how people in Malaysia live from day to day and I would like to return to explore Malaysia further!

Would I recommend Hotel Sama Sama? Definitely! The staff were extremely helpful, the room was clean and tidy,  the dinner buffet was huge, filled with fresh foods and a wide selection neatly presented (I hate buffets that are messy and filled with sloppy looking foods, so this was a refreshing change). This hotel is wonderful if you’re not planning on going into the city, or have a layover like we did. However if you will be staying in KL for more than one day, I would recommend staying somewhere in the heart of the city, as the traffic is terrible getting in and out of the city.

Other things to note: I never worked out if the water is drinkable in KL – check before you go. I made sure to wear clothing covering my knees and shoulders out of respect. It’s fine if you don’t, however beware that you will find men continuously ogling at your legs or chest on display. Also, if you’re a celiac like me, you should do a bit of research to find out what is and isn’t GF.

Food and cabs are really cheap in Malaysia, so it’s a great budget holiday!

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