One Day Guide: Monaco | FOUR SEASONS OF TRAVEL.
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One Day Guide: Monaco

Prepare yourself for gorgeous Monaco, you will spend the day spotting expensive cars and beautiful scenery. Here is a one day guide to how you can choose to spend your day.

Oceanographic Museum

Truly worth a visit, the aquariums are amazing and the building itself is situated overlooking the water – a famous monument that represents Monaco. The King of Monaco is a strong advocate for aquamarine preservation, so you get the chance to pet baby sharks in the water at the end of the visit to show you that they are not predators- which was a little scary but really cool!

Cost? Museum entrance is 10 for students and €14 for adults.

Monte Carlo City

The whole of Monaco is very small, but Monte Carlo City has an array of exclusive shops and casinos.


As I have said in the past, French food is very good for gluten free, but if you want to truly experience Monaco opt for some fresh seafood! Be aware that Monaco is quite expensive for budget travellers, but have a wander through Monaco and I’m sure you’ll find something good. We had lunch up near the palace, where there were many options – with a lot of Italian influence.

Cost? Expect to pay minimum  18- 35 for a main meal (secondi).


Go for a walk along the bay or check out the Casinos! Monaco has such a beautiful atmosphere, mixing old gorgeous buildings with a beachy-feel it is truly fantastic. While you’re walking be sure to look at the cars on the road, you might spot a Lamborghini, Rolls-Royce, Bentley, or Ferrari, you name it and you’ll probably see it here.

Giardini Esotico

If a garden filled with interesting and strange plants doesn’t interest you, don’t worry because it overlooks the whole bay of Monaco – which makes it all worth while. Toward the end of the garden you can go for a tour through the caves which is included in the ticket price – one tour starts on the hour, every hour. 

Cost? Giardini Exotico is 3.80 for students or €7.20 for adults.


Worth a visit? Yes Monaco a very beautiful and interesting place, with lots of activities suitable for families too. I would recommend only visiting it for a day and staying in Nice instead, as accommodation is too costly in the city of Monaco.

Cost?  Monaco is expensive, especially for food and drinks, but it IS possible to travel here on a budget.
Budget option? I suggest you bring your own water, lunch and snacks which will make it a little lighter on the purse.

Transport? The train from Nice takes about 20 minutes and only cost 6 one way!
If you are tired of walking, there is a bus that does a loop through the city from one side to the other taking about 20-30 minutes to do an entire loop. This is a great option if you want to go from the Giardino Esotico to the Casinos and anywhere in between. Note: you can buy tickets at the bus stop.

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