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Gluten Free Food Expo Brisbane 2015

Check out my adventure to the Gluten Free Food Expo Brisbane 2015 hosted by Coeliac Queensland this year. We’re going to be reviewing some of the brands where they make your gluten free food dreams come true!…

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The 6 Most Beautiful Beaches In Europe

After two summers in Europe, I feel like I can I truly say that I discovered some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. Travelling the entire Mediterranean sea, I went from Portugal, to Spain, to Italy, to Greece,…

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The Spanish Infatuation: Photo Journal

Spain  My pupils widened and I came to a halt in a complete state of awe, and just like that, my Spanish infatuation began. Lose yourself in the embellished architecture, tantalising tapas and carefree mentality of the Spanish culture. Spain has truly taken a piece…