Piazza dei Ciompi Flea Markets | FOUR SEASONS OF TRAVEL.
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Piazza dei Ciompi Flea Markets

Sant Ambrogio1

 A sunny day in Florence should be spent outside, enjoying the scenery and soaking up warm rays of sunshine, because who doesn’t love a day like this!?

Located in Piazza dei Ciompi, the Florence Flea Market is open every day from 9am to 19.30pm. It is a permanent market stand filled with about four rows of stalls, it is quite small, yet dense and very special to the Florentines.

On the final Sunday of each month the stalls extend into a proper market, filled with knick knacks, furniture, prints, jewellery, books, art and vintage finds. You may find yourself pushing through people to see the shiny treasures laid out on the tables, but this is the life!

It is worth a trip to rummage through the artefacts displayed in these cluttered stalls. With about 100 stands, distributed in the surrounding streets, they offer variation of items to enrich the market (ref). The atmosphere on a sunny day is amazing, as locals relax in the sun, carefree, looking happy to be there, they don’t hassle you to buy.

photo 3

You look, you touch, you walk, and that’s fine.

If you’re in Florence on the last Sunday of the month, be sure to check out these wonderful flea markets, even if you don’t buy anything, it’s totally worth it for the experience and glimpse into the history of Italian culture and art.

Sant Ambrogio

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