Purple People Eater | FOUR SEASONS OF TRAVEL.
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Purple People Eater

I hide my insecurities behind a carefully structured outfit, I find it does the talking for me…
Oh and yes, at the moment my hair is a dark purple colour..
I learnt this when waiting in line at the bank and a random man behind me asked, “You do know that your hair is purple, right?” So i wondered, what did he expect me to say, “No I didn’t actually thank you for pointing that out to me, because I didn’t pick up a bottle of hair dye the other day and intend for it to be like this at all, it must of just happened over night? Thank you for letting me know Sir!”But in reality it just went like this “*laughs* Yes, I died it like that the other day”.
See the thing is, really it wasn’t that easy. When I died my hair, as I was washing the dye out in the shower, the colour went everywhere at stained my skin. Halfway through my shower, I looked at myself in the mirror to realise the skin on my face, hands, feet and down my back had all turned purple, and not an understated shade, I literally looked like a blue smurf.. but in purple! I wouldn’t call that much of a hair dying success.
The photos show the initial purple my hands were just by rubbing in the colour on my scalp into my hair with my bare finger, then the purple shade I got my skin to after washing myself over and over.


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