Gluten Free Review: Primo Piano, Catania | FOUR SEASONS OF TRAVEL.
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Gluten Free Review: Primo Piano, Catania

Ristorante Primo Piano is a hidden gem with a large menu, completely gluten free! Situated between Catania train station and the city centre, tucked away in a back street of Catania, it is a discrete restaurant to the untrained eye.Ravioli Gluten free Starting the night with champagne on arrival (common at many restaurants in Sicily) accompanied with gluten free croutons/bread biscuits which were so yummy – this was all complimentary. Next we ordered; ravioli with walnuts, mince and cream sauce, and a pizza, then for dessert (a huge gluten free dessert menu!!) a baba, and a torta di ricotta, in which they also gave us a plate of gluten free biscuits (complimentary). This turned out to be so much, even too much food, but it was all so amazing.

Food? High quality with a huge range of options from all over the world- this is something that you do not often see in Italian restaurants. The waiter let me know that everything on the menu can be made gluten free, which is great to see.
*They are also recommended by the AIC (Celiac Society in Italy). 

Baba Napoli

Price? €€ Standard pricing for a good restaurant in Italy – between 8€ to 12€ for a primi.

Torta di Ricotta

Location: Make sure you look up how to get there before hand, because there’s not much else to do in the area so you won’t want to hang around afterwards.Via A. De Curtis 8 | 95131 Catania.

gluten free pizza

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