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nakd bars

Nakd Bars, Gluten Free Travel Snacks

Have you tried Nakd Bars? Made by Natural Balace Foods, who are an English brand making whole food, fruit and nut bars made from all natural ingredients – a refreshing alternative to many supermarket options with hundreds of fillers or preservatives/sugars. I tried four, as pictured below and my favourite was the strawberry crunch! Finding a gluten free travel snack can be hard – because in some countries there aren’t a lot of choices! Nakd Bars can be kept in your bag and don’t need refrigerating, which makes it extremely easy to bring them everywhere.

These bars are an awesome gluten free travel snacks if you’re spending the day on the road or going on a day trip and need a little pick-me-up, or even just great for morning or afternoon tea if you feel like something sweet.

nakd bars naked bars photo 5Ingredients: This varies between the bars but they all have dates, cashews or almonds, then either raisins, apple juice or other fruit juices etc.

Dairy free!

Gluten free!

Calories: Between 105-150kcal

Taste? Really yummy

Price? 18 bars for £13.99


Please note: All opinions are my own and this is not a sponsored review.

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