5 Tips to Save Money when Travelling | FOUR SEASONS OF TRAVEL.
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save money when travelling

5 Tips to Save Money when Travelling

When travelling long term, an extra $5 a day over a month really makes a difference, so every penny counts! Here are my tricks to save money when travelling!

1. Travel at the beginning of the year.

Have you noticed that at the moment there are hundreds of sales on flights over January? I just bought a flight from Turin (Italy) to Eindhoven (Holland) to go to Amsterdam for 20€ return, bargain! Keep an eye on new year sales because flying is literally 1/4 of the price!

Nomadic Matt goes in to further detail about finding cheap flights at all times of the year here. 

2. Compare and contrast accommodation options.

I always make sure to check Air Bnb, Couch Surfing (free and a great way to meet people), HostelBookers.com and Hotels.com for the latest and best price accommodation then compare accordingly. Depending on who your with your accommodation choice will vary.

Find out YTravel’s tips and tricks for finding budget accommodation here. 

3. Sell your stuff and don’t buy unnecessary items.

Prior to your trip, sell what you don’t need. Do you have an old camera gathering dust on your shelf, a desk that you don’t use, an arm chair in great condition but never been used? Websites like Gum Tree, Craigslist and eBay have a large audience of people looking for all sorts of random things, so give it a try.

Once you’re on the road, really take a second thought about your expenses, do you really need that new pair of designer shoes, or a hair accessory that you might wear once? Think about it!

4. Buy food from supermarkets and minimise eating at restaurants/over spending on food.

When travelling, it is so easy to get caught up in all of the amazing food. You often may spend your day eating your way through a city (hey! nothing wrong with that), however it is easy to lose sight of all of the money you are spending on unnecessary snacks and drinks.

Take note of this and try to limit excessive spending on food to one amazing meal a day, sit down and really enjoy it and then perhaps a local snack for the road, and you will see a big saving! Meals like breakfast and snacks can be purchased for cheap at the supermarket.

5. Go to smaller cities for longer and bigger cities for less.

The mega cities are where you will find yourself spending so much excess money on the basics such as accommodation, food, and transport. Instead, choose to spend less time in these cities and more time in smaller cities, so you can travel for longer and live for less! Another option is to stay in a neighbouring city and visit the capital just for a day or two by train, allowing you to save money on accommodation and food.

Gluten free money saving tips?

Bring fruit for snacks so you don’t get caught out with nothing to eat. Opt for the ‘no breakfast’ option at hotels if it’s cheaper, as often in countries like Italy and France the typical breakfast is cake, pastries and coffee. 

What are your tips to save money when travelling? Comment below and let me know.

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